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Instructions and Help about Va unemployability cuts

Chairman thank you the secretary thanks for being here glad to have you here I want to talk about the budget for just a minute if I may and I want to talk about the individual unemployment unemployed bill cuts can you explain the rationale of what went through the thought process that went through this yeah well senator Heller my starting point on this is is that we always have to do better for our veterans and we have to deliver on our commitments that we have to our veterans the President's budget includes significant increases in both discretionary and mandatory funds and makes choice a permanent part of funding but we have a responsibility to use our current funds in a way that makes sense best for veterans and for taxpayers and so we proposed a part of the process that would revise the individual unemployability benefit the budget is a process and this was part of a menu of opportunities that we had for thinking how we can make the budget process better as I began to listen to veterans and their concerns and VSOs in particular it became clear that this would be hurting some veterans and that this would be a take away from veterans who can't afford to have those benefits taken away and I'm really concerned about that so what I'd like to say is is that this is part of a process we have to be looking at ways to doing things better but I am NOT going to support policies that hurt veterans and so I would look forward to working with you and all the members of the committee on figuring out how we can do this better we have budget numbers and targets that we have to hit but we shouldn't be doing things that are going to be hurting veterans that can't afford to lose these benefits I appreciate hearing that do you know how many veterans would have been affected by this change yes we have 300,000 Jamie yeah there are 300,000 that are in receipt of I use about 330,000 about two hundred and ten thousand of those are over the age of 60 and they're full been affected what a bit yeah correct so it wouldn't but it would have been retroactive it would been point forward but to include all veterans and receipt oh I you so when you say retroactive I don't believe we pull any benefits that we've distributed back however no no I'm just saying that if you had the benefit you could lose the benefit yes correctly receiving it that's correct yeah that was that was the proposal and but we do look forward to working with you to figure out how we could do this better I appreciate your good surfer do you know what the average is for veteran on this I you what the average intake is the average payment yeah it's roughly sixteen hundred dollars.

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